»Blightghast the Plaguebringer

Together, the three Orders of Tyria took back Claw Island and defeated the Plaguebringer, one of Zhaitan’s greatest dragon champions. The city of Lion’s Arch is no longer in danger. With one blow, we avenged the loss of my mentor and proved that the Pact can conquer any enemy.



4. Favorite Profession
↳ Guardian


Timberline Falls - White Paper Hill


Dragon Bash is a holiday event inspired by the historical Dragon Festival, but with a Lion’s Arch flair, intending to symbolize the resistance to the Elder Dragons.

when you see the enemy zerg


A - Ascalon (credits: screenshots, poor poetry, and editing all by me; concept art by Daniel Dociu, and Guild Wars: Prophecies and Ascalonian Banners from the GWwiki.)

Oh Ascalon I do remember your rolling fields of green
Most beautiful and bountiful of all I’d ever seen
Your woodlands ever trembling in the sweetest autumn breeze
Little creeks and rivers flowing through the trees.

Oh Ascalon I do recall the farmers in their fields
Harvesting the fall’s grown crops before good weather yields
The nobles in their manors and the peasants in the town
The children in the meadows running through the grassy down.

Oh Ascalon I do remember your walls built every high
The Folly’s snowy tower reaching ever toward the sky
Catacombs atwisting down beneath the Abbey grounds
The bustling of the city streets; the scents, the sights, the sounds.

Oh Ascalon I do recall the hour that you fell
T’is a sight I’ll not forget, and a tale I’ll always tell
The crystals fell in searing flame upon the land so bright
And all the wonder that you held succumbed to sick and blight.

Oh Ascalon I do wonder what has happened since
The falling of our noble line; the death of our crown prince
But though I surely weep for him, I also weep for you
And all the graves we never built, for they were worthy too

Oh Ascalon I do wonder have you grown again
Have you tasted water, the sweetest springtime rain
Do those who now wander here recall the stinging lash,
the bitter taste of blood and tears, the earth that turned to ash?

Oh Ascalon I do wonder if you’ve had time to heal
To turn your old beauty back from vision into real
For so long as you are loved then I shall sure forgive
All I wish, dear Ascalon, is that you once ‘gain live.

Oh Ascalon the time has come to leave you here, behind
For I am so weary of the pain within my mind
Let the human and the charr, and other creatures stay
And to them ‘please have mercy’ is all I’ve ever say…

And now this Ghost of Ascalon shall find his peace, away
Recalling not the evil times, but fairest autumn day.

I'm lost in time
drifting in eternity
Guild Wars 2 Drinking Game








Drink every time you see a female human wearing the sneakthief armor.

Or everytime you see a charr or norn male guardian/warrior, dressed in either t3 or Armageddon set, colored in black and red and equiped with Twilight.

Drink every time you see human female ele/mesmer wearing T3. Extra two shot if she has these face options:


Drink every time you see a human thief with t3 underboob, the flower hair, a loli face and the dreamer.

Drink everytime a Norn female warrior runs with T3 or for every person with either Dawn or Twilight

Drink every time you see a more than one player with a legendary weapon in the same map (Lion’s Arch, for instance).

Aaaaand… wasted.

drink everytiem u see a person in gw2


Divinity’s Reach The last bastion of human glory [x]