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[ The Pale Tree flowered, and the firstborn awakened ]


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Remember the Siege Devourers from the original Guild Wars?
They were so cute and they could dance really well. ovo


                          ~~~~~~Suddenly a wild lore appears!~~~~~~

Many players will be familiar with the Battle for Kyhlo PvP map in Guild Wars 2. And some of those players may also aware that the lands and battles that take place in the mists are often (but not always) reflections of events from Tyria’s past. 

The Battle for Khylo was quite the event in Ascalonian history; the Orrian guild, Zealots of Shiverpeak, laid siege on the hidden fortress town of Kyhlo, the base of King Adlebern’s legendary guild, Ascalon’s Chosen.  

Outside of lore, Zealots of Shiverpeak [ZoS] was the very first guild to be created. Founded in 2003 (well before the game was publicly launched) by Quaken Frostraven and counting many Alpha/beta testers among their members. Incidentally, Quaken’s grave can be found in Ebonhawke.

Where do Mordekai and Burian fit into this? They were members of Ascalon’s Chosen, and more importantly, Mordekai was Devona’s father, who died in 1052 AE.  

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WvWing on an underpopulated server like.