East End Falls
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Humans are mistaken when they say cheetahs are the fastest land animal, for when the Charr sees a female tail, they can run upwards of 200 mph.




I brought Scarlet back from the dead. I’m enjoying this a lot more than I should be. 

She’s so perfect!

"Hero of Lions Arch" :p

…I hate this

The weapon skins just made me cry. For a stupid reason. Reason that I can’t explain to my boyfriend who asked me what was wrong. You know what that is? 

I started crying because I want them so badly, but I can’t invest my time in the game enough to make gold. I can’t buy gems at leisure because every euro out of my bank account means one day of not eating anything at all.

Haha… hah.. ha… haa…

Heck it’s not even just the skins. I’m constantly and actively avoiding playing nowadays. Why?

Because of the armor and weapon skins that you can only get for a limited time. I want them very badly. So badly I’ve at the beginning lost weeks of sleep over it. That is why I don’t play that much.

Like… I occasionally log on. Check the updates while it loads and get a little bit interested and then I at some point open the Black Lion. Think for a moment and exit the game. 

"I’m pathetic. Useless player crowding the server."

That is what I think there and then. 

I’ll go away now before I ruin someone’s mood. 


all that glitters

featuring nightmarecourt's cute salad ele, keivanna! look at her. she's adorable.


My darling Elementalist, Faohren!


"Wolf Sanctuary" concept inspired by the game! :)

[Submitted by artofmoh]


This is why I never have any transmutation stones.